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Big things are coming for the summer in July of 2022! Only a few days away!

Hundreds of artists will be hiding the single largest and most valuable treasure trove of marbles ever offered to the world!

Making History: July 2022, The World's Biggest Marble Hunt

Go on the adventure of a lifetime and become a part of history! In July 2022, join us for an unforgettable journey. Marble hunters and artists will hide thousands of beautiful marbles around the world for anyone to find and enjoy. Hundreds of world-renowned glass artists have come together to create an amazing, unprecedented glass treasure worth over $45,000.

A $45,000 Glass Marble Treasure with 158 Beautiful Works of Art! Click Here to Learn More!

Who can hunt for this treasure? You can!

In the month of July 2022, you can hunt for this treasure and thousands of other individual treasures hidden around the world!

You can be a part of this amazing glass history!

Never have so many artists come together for a worldwide project like this; 158 artists are making history together in July 2022, providing the world with the most amazing glass treasure!

list is very impressive. We have now put together one of the most valuable glass treasures in glass history. Anyone in the world will be allowed to search for this amazing treasure for free! Clues will be given on social media. To join in on the hunt click here.

 This incredible event will happen simultaneously across multiple social media marble hunting and hiding groups. Let the world's biggest marble treasure hunt begin!

What: worldwide marble hides across many social media marble hunting groups Simultaneously.

1. A public hunt for a very valuable treasure chest full of handmade glass art marbles. This treasure will contain hundreds of valuable handmade art marbles made by famous glass artists. This amazing collection will be on temporary display at Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka, California, very soon for the media and the world to see! More details coming soon!

2. Thousands of individual marbles will be hidden around the world for everyone to hunt across many different social media groups

When: The entire month of July 2022.

Where: Worldwide!

How: Join the World's Biggest Marble Hunt Facebook group for details. ( )

Why: Fun, adventure, and treasure! Everyone get your hiding spots ready and bring out your best marbles!

6/29/22 Update! The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt 158 artist treasure hunt will begin on July 23rd 11:00 am CST
** This amazing treasure is valued at $45,000 and has 158 beautiful pieces of art! Currently this treasure is at the Clarke Museum more information about this collection on our website.
** Individual hunters or teams will need to be registered by July 20th noon CST.. Registration begins July 1st. Please list each member of your team for registration.
** Team size can be up to three people.
These individuals can complete tasks and represent the entire team at checkpoints or take on tasks that have to be completed for the hunt. At least one team member will have to travel to each location.
** Individuals or teams hunting for this treasure will not be allowed to share information or work with other hunters or teams. This will disqualify you from the entire hunt.
** This hunt takes place in the United States and traveling will be required. This is a physically active challenge and you will have to travel and go to real locations and complete tasks such as searching and hiking to checkpoints.
** Multiple starting points will be located all over the world as well as the United States. Time delays will be put in place at the beginning the hunt to make sure things are as even as possible for international participants.
** You will need a working cell phone that will be capable of taking video and photos for authenticating locations and checking in on Facebook or the Facebook app Most checkpoints will require video footage of yourself or a team member
You will need to be a member of Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt Facebook group this is where the hunt will take place and the world will get to watch!
Stay tuned for more information and a complete list of rules on July 1st this post on Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt Facebook group page.

List of participating marble groups around the world!

Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt/ 31,289 Members

Esferas Perdidas / 8,400 Members
The State of Texas

Pittsburgh Marble Experience/ 636 Members
Pittsburgh, PA and Western Pennsylvania

World's Elite Marble Hunt/ 3000 Members
GeoMarbling/1800 Members
Ozark Marble Hunters/ Members 5,183
Missouri, Arkansas
Lost in Asheville/ 124 Members
We cover Asheville North Carolina and the surrounding Western NC region

Humboldt Magical Glass Adventure/ 565 Members
Humboldt County, Ca.

Hide & Seek Marbles/ 260 Members
Missouri, Arkansas But really Anywhere

HUMBOLDT Heaters Hiders & Hunters/ 1300 Members
humboldt County, California (also statewide. specifically, Mendocino county and Trinity county)

Westcoast Glass Madness/ 2000 Members

Humboldt county, California/ Mainly Southern Humboldt, Avenue of the Giants

STL Marble Hunters/ 759 Members
St Louis Area including surrounding counties

Western PA Marble Hunt/ 100 Members
Butler county and western Pa.

Madison's lost its Marbles /361 Members
Active in the Tri state region of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio

Marble Madness/ 460 Members
Spanning the west coast!
417 Extreme Marble Hunter/ 221 Members
Region: Missouri & Arkansas

West Plains Marble Hunters / 140 Members
Regions: Howell County Missouri and surrounding areas of interest.
Saint Joseph MO & surrounding area Marble Hunt/ 222 Members
Regions: Missouri & Kansas

California Gem & Marble Hunters / 79 Members
Region: Area: All of California

To view each and every piece of this amazing collection of the $45,000 first place treasure, please visit Brian Bowden's website Glass Orbits.

This amazing treasure is going to be on display at the Clarke Historical Museum for the entire month of June for the general public and the media to view before the lucky first place winner claims it!!

To join in on the fun and hunt for this treasure and many others click here.

Artists, the first place collection is now closed to new entries. We are working on the second-place prize collection. If any artist would like to add a marble to this treasure for second place, please contact us.





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