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Who Can Hunt Marbles Around the World?

Anyone! Hunting marbles is great fun and adventure for people of all ages. Marble hunts can range from very easy to highly skilled for those with the knack for adventure.

Marble hunting is easy. Just join a marble hunt Facebook group in your area, or join Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt on Facebook, and then take a few minutes to read the rules of that group. This year, during a worldwide event and treasure hunt, everyone will be paying it forward all around the world! Individuals, artists, and collectors are posting their lost marbles and giving you clues and locations for you to find them for FREE!

First Place: $45,000 Marble Treasure with 158 Beautiful Works of Art!

In the month of July 2022, you can hunt for this treasure and thousands of other individual treasures hidden around the world! Don't forget this is ongoing hiding event and will continue many months even years after this July event. 

Never have so many artists come together for a worldwide project like this! 158 artists are making history in July 2022, providing the world with the most amazing glass treasure!

This marble treasure is one of the most valuable glass treasures in glass history. Anyone in the world will be allowed to search for this amazing treasure for free. Clues will be given on social media to join in on the hunt. Click here


Please remember to pay it forward and hide a marble! The success of this event depends on everyone’s generosity, that’s what makes this so special! Click here to learn how to create your own treasure hunt for others.

First place $45,000 glass marble treasure and thousands of other marbles to hunt world wide!


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