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Who Can Lose Marbles?

Anyone! The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt is all about marble awareness and paying it forward. Marble collectors, artists, and individuals all around the world are losing marbles!

It's fun and easy to lose a marble, and also very exciting to watch dozens—sometimes even hundreds—of people searching for the treasure that you hide! Please do not ask artists to donate marbles; the point of marble hunting is to support and promote artists by buying and collecting the amazing work they make. Many artists have already gone above and beyond to add marbles to the treasure hunt to be part of this history we all get to enjoy.

If you cannot afford to purchase marbles to hide, you can always find them for free and then re-hide them!

Once you have a marble, you are now ready to hide it. Follow this link to make yourself familiar with the rules.

We have also posted a video below that explains how to hide marbles!

Glass Orbits

Black Market Marbles

Marbles & Things

Marble Collectors Page

Moon Marble Company

Etsy or Ebay

You can also look up artists on Facebook and Instagram to buy directly from them.

Be careful when buying on ebay and Etsy. Always verify the artist of the marble. There are, unfortunately, many mass-produced toy marbles being sold as handmade.

To learn about losing marbles please read our Marble Hunting Rules.

To join in on the fun and hunt marbles, click here

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